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RV Learning Center

At the Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales, it’s our goal to help you learn more about your RV and the RV lifestyle! Our approach is simple: The more you know, the better your experience. When you get more enjoyment from RV’ing, we have helped to make you a happy customer! For over a decade Walnut Ridge’s Indiana RV Dealership has provided a dedicated Learning Center facility where we have had quarterly scheduled RV learning events. Over that decade we ourselves have learned as well. Being family-owned and operated, we value family, it’s in our name. We understand that life’s busy schedules do not always afford us the extra time to do some of the things we want to do. That, in part is why we have made a shift in our approach to empowering our customers with our new Facebook LIVE Learning Center! Launched in April of 2019, we are bringing the learning Center to you…your home, workplace, or even out at your camp-site! You can enjoy informative segments such as:
  • Proper hitch equipment for my RV
  • Myth busters
  • We can answer questions you post in the comments
  • Basic RV Maintenance
Check back regularly for dates and times to be posted and make sure to tune in! The Walnut Ridge RV Learning Center may look a little different, but our commitment to you remains the same. Education: Knowledge * Freedom

May 15th Session

July 26th Session