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We specialize in selling RV’s
Chances are you did not buy your RV from a private party and did not sell your last home by
yourself. Most people don’t. Why? Because we appreciate the value received by dealing with
professionals in these matters.
We work hard to sell your RV. In addition to placing your RV on our web site, we also advertise on
several other sites and social network platforms. Anyone searching for your particular brand and
make the internet will find it due to our web network and search engine optimization.
In addition, we take trades and provide financing to buyers, greatly enhancing the ability to sell an RV!

How do I place my RV with Walnut Ridge’s Indiana RV Dealership?
Just give us a call. The process includes inspecting your RV for the purpose of determining what will
be needed to get it ready for sale and also arrive at a value. Paper work necessary to complete our
consignment agreement include proof of ownership, loan and insurance information. The entire process normally takes thirty to forty five minutes.

Are there any up front charges?
Yes. Each consignee pays $390 upon dropping of your RV to cover the cost of the complete
inspection, cleaning and detailing of your RV to get it ready for sale. This is the exact process every
pre-owned Walnut Ridge RV goes through prior to sale. Your RV will be shown with all our new and used inventory.

How is the Asking Price Established for our RV?
There are several influencing factors:

  • NADA Appraisal Guide Loan value and the suggested retail price
  • Condition of your RV including tires, batteries, paint, decals, miles, generator hours, RV
    systems and appliances, carpet and upholstery
  • After discussing these factors we will mutually arrive at your net amount guaranteed to you.

What is Your Commission?
We don’t charge a commission. We attempt to sell your RV over your net agreed amount and make a profit after all expenses.