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Must Haves For A New RV

Figuring out which camper you want can be such a challenge because there’s so many different kinds out there and even knowing what all you need for your first camping trip is very overwhelming. So we’ve gathered a list of everything you’ll need, gear, and necessities for setup and camping.

1. Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator protects RV plumbing against high pressure water and regulates the pressure to 40-50 psi.

2. Sewer Hose

Sewer hoses are one of the most important items you can have for your camper. They connect to your camper’s holding tanks to help empty out your black and gray tanks. Finding the right hose can ensure you have a uncomplicated and messy free disposal process.

3. Fresh Water Hose

The fresh water house is a high pressured, non-toxic drinking water hose! Great for washing hands, giving your pet a bath or if you need a quick sip!

4. Chemicals

Keeping your tanks clean is an absolute must for your camper maintenance! The Blue Bio-Pouch is accepted at all campgrounds, enhances septic tanks & keeps tanks clean with a fresh clean scent.

5. RV TP

This item can…..self-explanatory! RV TP is a thinner toilet paper, normally 2-ply sheets, that is safe for septic systems, can easily breakdown and ensures your tanks don’t clog.

6. Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks prevents your campers tires from rolling and sliding around.

7. Adapt Cord

What if you planned a family vacation in your brand new RV, BUT as soon as you arrive at your campground, the campsites power doesn’t match the cord running from your camper. What will you do? Adapt cords helps give you electricity when your destinations power supply doesn’t match you campers.

8. Stackers

Stackers provide leveling support for your multi-use leveler, jack stand and tongue wheel support.

All of these items are included in our included in out starter kits that you can get here at the Walnut Ridge Parts Store.

Additional Items

Listed below are additional items not included in our starter kits but are still important to have with your new camper. Some of the items are specific to your unit.

Surge Protector

Surge protectors protect your camper’s electronics from issues that come from the outlet you plug it into. Whether it’s weather related like lightning, or your campsites outlet seems a little wonky, it’s better to be safe than sorry with a surge protector so you aren’t stuck with fried electronics.

Seal Saver

Seal saver is an MUST if you’re new to camping or if you’ve been camping for 50 years! You have seals everywhere on your camper and you need to condition and check them regularly to prevent leaks and future damage to your coach.

Bug Screen

Bug screens go on the outside of your camper to ensure that your vents stay free from an invasion from unwanted pests (nesting insects, birds and rodents).