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Tips For Taking Your Pet Camping!

People love their pets and want to include them in all their daily activities, whether that’s running errands or jogging around the neighborhood. Camping is no exception! But accommodating to your pets needs on a long trip can be challenging especially if you’ve never done that before. With that said, here are some things we learned about traveling in our RV/Camper with pets.

Before You Go

  • 1. Do your research – Do a quick search of all the campsites you plan on traveling to and see what their rules/restrictions are on pets. Some parks may have restricted areas, like park facilities, lakes, ponds, creeks and streams. It saves you a lot of stress and headaches in the long run!
  • 2. Is Your Pet In Good Health – Is your pet in good enough shape and is their overall well-being able to meet the physical demands of the camping trip? Campsites, either 30 minutes from your home or 8 hours, typically offers a lot of outdoor activities (walking, hiking, biking, etc.). So if your pet isn’t completely in overall good shape then you may reconsider their inclusion.
  • 3. Proper Identifications & Vaccinations – Be sure your furry friend is up-to-date on all required vaccinations and protected against heartworm, fleas, and ticks. Dogs can encounter a variety of wild animals while camping, even if they are leashed. Ask your vet about the area you’ll be camping in to be sure your pet is protected. In addition, outfit your pet with the right collar and ID tags. Your dog should always be leashed at a campsite, but in case they get lost- make sure they have their best chance at getting back to you. Keep a collar with ID tags securely on your dog at all times. Microchipping and registering your dog is an added measure you can take to ensure that you will be contacted if they are found.
  • 1) The Essentials

    The number one most important thing is bringing food/water from home – seems like a ‘duh’ right? Before taking off on your trip, do some research to see if the campsite has facilities to obtain water, if not your local grocery stores have purified 3-5 gallon jugs you can take. You alsp want to have water/food available for your pet during your roadtrip as well. Roadtrips are a big part of any adventure you’re going on and while it may be enjoyable for us humans (for the most part) they can be extremely stressful for your fur baby. Make sure they have water nearby or in their crate/carrier so they can relax and be as comfortable as possible.

    Another essential item you want to bring is – Poo Bags! Yes, this may be an easily overlooked item but it’s definitely an essential.


    2) Creature Comforts

    When traveling, pets need a comfort that reminds them of home so their stress is more at ease in a new environment. Their favorite snacks, beds, blankets and toys are all really encouraged items to bring. Plus you can throw the ball or frisbee once you arrive at the campground.


    3) Just In Case

    Don’t stress about the small stuff but you can never be too prepared! Bring extra leashes, treats, poo bag, life vests, the list goes on and on


    4) And Don’t Forget…

    If your pets have never camped before, it’s important to properly prepare them prior to taking them to the campground. Close quarters, new surroundings and lots of new people can be difficult for pets to process.

    Most campgrounds require your pet to be on a leash at all times so make sure that your pet is comfortable with being on a leash and that they obey your commands, such as coming when called and staying close to you. If your pet has behavior problems, barks in your absence or is aggressive around other people or animals, it may dampen the fun of your camping experience as well as that of others around you.