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Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

palomino puma travel trailer

Family-Friendly Adventure – Puma by Palomino

When you’re looking for adventure, nothing is better suited for family fun than a Puma. These rugged built, easy-to-tow, travel trailers make your next adventure fun & carefree. Puma offers you many floorplan choices including the largest selection of bunk models in the industry. The majority being 1/2 ton towable. So hook onto a Puma and go adventuring.

Indiana New Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Inventory

Puma 26FKDS

Puma 26RBSS

Puma 27RBDS

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Puma 28BHFQ

Puma 28BHSS

Puma 28BHSS-2B

Puma 28DBFQ

Puma 28RKQS

Puma 29RBDS

Puma 30RKQS

Puma 31FKRK

Puma 31QBBH

Puma 31RLQS

Puma 32BH2B

Puma 32BHDB

Puma 32BHFS

Puma 32BHQS

Puma 32DBTS

Puma 32MBDS

Puma 32RBFQ

Puma 32RBFQ2