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Top 5 Haunted RV Parks

We are in peak spooky season and if you’re looking for some scares, check out these Haunted RV Parks that will leave you questioning those scary noises in the middle of the night

1. Fort Worden State Park, WA?

First up is Fort Worden State Park – nestled in the quiet small town of Port Townsend, this iconic State Park was once a military base. There have been reports saying that this base is the most haunted place in the entire state of Washington. The fort was once home to a jail, that was a treatment facility for “troubled youth,” and even had an onsite military cemetery. It sounds like a recipe for a spooky place to camp!

Those who’ve spent time at the campground couldn’t help the feeling they were being watched. Some guests and hikers even claim they’ve heard moans coming from the former barracks. To top is all off there’s even been a distinct smell of burning coal, rubber, and sulfur coming from the main house. Visiting this place alone is spine chilling, we can’t imagine staying the night at their campsite.

2. Lake Morena, CA

Up next is Lake Morena County Park which is just about 42 miles east of San Diego. This border city has seen a countless amount paranormal activity throughout the ages. Campers have also reported feeling a cold and eerie presence while hiking in the woods, some have even caught a glimpse of a young lady wearing a white dress wandering throughout those woods. But it doesn’t stop there, people even said they’ve heard footsteps around their tents or saw strange orbs in pictures they took around the campground. Many believe the ghosts are from a 1916 flooding of Morena Reservoir that killed more than 50 people. And if that wasn’t scary enough, some guests report seeing levitating bodies at night, floating 10 feet or more above the ground.

3. Holy Ghost Campground, NM

Located just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the small town of Tererro lies Holy Ghost Campground, managed by the Santa Fe National Forest. If you’re brave enough to make your way to the campground, you’ll have to venture down a narrow road that eventually requires turning off for a two-mile drive down Forest Service Road 122.

Now there’s quite some debate about why the campground is haunted, both sides involve a priest and the Pueblans during the 17th century. One version of the argument states a priest killed the Pueblans for settling on the land. The other side says the Pueblans were defending themselves and killed the priest. Whatever the case may be, it has resulted in paranormal activities involving car accidents, fights, and even state troopers disappearing. There’s even many reports of shadows moving in the trees throughout the night.

4. Antietam Creek Campground, MD

Antietam Creek Campground is just a few miles from a well known site during the Civil War where 23,000 soldiers had died. Campers claim to have seen ghosts and heard guns, cannons, and even drumming from the lives in the civil war. If you want to test your limits further, there are locations like Bloody Lane, Burnside Bridge, and the Antietam National Cemetery, known for paranormal activity.

5. Braley Pond, VA

Home to six campsites in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, this popular destination draws in professional and amateur ghost hunters because it’s known as one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

Campers have reported hearing laughter and seeing spirits during their stay. There’s even one rumor that floats around of a paranormal investigator going insane after camping there at the site overnight. Other campers say that the paranormal activity they experienced was too much for them to make it through the night and even some guests experienced vivid nightmares for weeks following their time at Braley Pond.

While a haunted RV park may not be for everyone, it can make for a memorable way to spend Halloween. You can gather around the fire and let the paranormal activity around you replace the spooky story.

Would you stay at a haunted RV park or campground?