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The Advantages Of Owning A Toy Hauler!

Searching for an RV is like searching for a new house to buy. You have to think about what kind you’re looking for, what meets you and your families needs and finally a design/style that you absolutely love. Well today’s blog is all about how amazing and versatile toy haulers are, so you might have all of your boxes checked off by the end of this blog.

First things first, what is a toy hauler? A toy hauler is an RV with an added garage in the rear so you can store and transport mainly motorized toys: ATV, motorcycles, dirtbikes, so on and so on. Now, toy haulers typically come in either travel trailer or fifth-wheel forms.

Regardless of your lifestyle and the places you’re visiting when you hit the road, toy haulers check nearly every box on that long list of must-haves. While not everyone needs a toy hauler, everyone should consider this type of RV as an option. Here are three advantages of the RV type to help you decide before your next RV trip.

1. A Large Garage Space

The main advantage of having a toy hauler is, drumroll please, the garage space! If you’re an adrenaline junkie and love your motorized toys, there’s finally enough room to bring them with you! Dirtbikes, motorcycles, side-by-sides even golf carts can fit in the garage space. There’s often tie-downs mounted in the floor for security and support during transport. Plus the flooring is designed for an easy cleanup when you get mud, dirt and grime from your toys in there.

If you’re not a toys person, the garage space can still give you enough room for additional cargo like boogie boards, canoes, surfboards, outdoor chairs/tables, bikes, the list goes on and on! You’ll be surprised how nice it is to keep dirty equipment away from your living space in a separate room.

2. An Additional Bedroom, Dining And Living Room

The garage area in a toy hauler may be perfect for motorized toys, but many are surprised to learn that it can also doubles as a living/sleeping area in most models. Most have a seating as well as queen beds and a foldaway table, that raise out of the way and can be lowered at night. It’s the best solution for entertaining, creating sleeping options while still being able to bring your toys!

Toy haulers are the perfect RV for people with families or those who love to host and entertain! The separate division of space allows for the kids to have their own hangout area while the adults have theirs. Even if you have older kids who need their space or if the in-laws want to visit for a weekend. Plus between us, the garage is great for cleanup so if the kids make a mess, no problem!

3.A Party Deck

Next up is the converting ramp – yes it still gets better and better! The ramp on a toy hauler actually gives you two different options. 1. It’s a ramp so you can easily bring your toys in and out of the garage. 2. When the cables are attached, the ramp converts into a patio/deck area – yes, you read that right. The “party deck” often comes with a fence (typically on wheel) that can easily be displayed along the edge of the patio to ensure safety. That way you can kick back, relax, enjoy the weather and still have the kids out there with you.

There’s are only a few of the ,many reasons why toy haulers can be an amazing fit for you and your crew. Don’t just take my word for it though, visit us here at Walnut Ridge to check them out for yourself!