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Our Favorite 4 Season Campers!

A 4 season camper is definitely something to consider especially if you’re into late fall or early spring camping – but picking one out can be a challenge so we’ve done it for you!

1) Montana 3931FB

A fan favorite for sure – you got the classic Montana storage BUT in addition you also have 1.5 bathrooms as the main floorplan feature. The full bathroom is located at the front of the coach giving you maximum space to get ready and relax during your trip.

2) Paradigm 295MK

Every detail is well thought out with the Paradigm 295MK, all soft close cabinets (even the toilet seat!), huge king size bed and extra comfy lounging spots! But your eyes can’t help but draw to the unique kitchen layout with the offset stove giving you plenty of maneuvering space and countertop space in the kitchen! Plus it’s just STUNNING!

3) Valor 43V13

Now, we HAD to include a Toy Hauler in the mix. So not only do you have the luxury features of a 5th wheel but you got that HUGE 13′ garage for toys, your kids or both! This floorplan also includes two full bathrooms, a giant closet and extra storage space!

4) Montana 385BR

Smaller in size compared to its brother, the 3931FB, but still brings the heat when it comes to storage! This Montana is more family focused meaning you can sleep up to 8 people! The middle of the floorplan features a complete spare room for the in-laws and a lofted area above for the kids.

5) Outback 291UBH

Last but certainly not least, we save the smallest of the bunch – the Outback 291UBH. The Outback already brings a modern style making it stand out from the pack but it also includes ~hidden~ advantages. That’s right! You got yourself a hidden pantry along with bunks, a pet kennel and an outside kitchen!

All of these units are apart of our 2022 Liquidation Sale! To view other units, click HERE