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Last Minute Homemade Valentines Gift

Just in case anyone forgot tomorrow is February 14th! That’s right it’s Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate the one you love. And unless you have a strong desire to sleep on the couch for the next week or so you will want to get that special someone something special. Here is a great Valentine’s day gift idea for the RVer in your life.

luckyusA frugal and yet thoughtful gift for the one you love is to take 3 penny’s one with the year of your birth, one with the year of their birth, and the third with the year that you were married. Drill tiny holes into the top of each of the penny’s and run a key chain ring through them. To make it even cuter you can try a number of different takes on it. You can find a metal heart shape to put with the penny’s and voila, a sentimental key chain! Or you could find a four leaf clover key chain and inscribe “lucky us” on one of the penny’s. This is an ideal gift for the RVer or for the avid driver.

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