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Introducing Bright Dais Ahead Full-Time RVers

We’ve got some exciting news! Meet the Nen’s family! They are Full Time RVers that share loads of tips and tricks from their day to day life on the road! We are going to be working with them so you guys and too can get a glimpse & even learn a thing or two about all things RV! Here’s a little bit about them:

“We are the Nens Family – John, Sherryl, the twins – BRIGHTon and DAISy (get it – BrightDais) and our beloved pooch, Presley.

This blog is about our family living a life where the best days are ahead of us and not behind us. We packed up everything and hit the road in an RV to live with our best days still to come, no matter what’s going on right now—even if we’re in good times.

We want to be able to share, give, see, experience, and spend more time with our loved ones. Maybe it’s taking more time to visit family and friends. Or find a few new friends to help along the way.

We hope we can inspire you with ways to seek the Bright Dais Ahead. Follow us on our adventures, and we live our life differently.

This is the story of our BRIGHT DAIS AHEAD!”

Here’s links to their social media:

Youtube: click here
TikTok: click here
Instagram: click here
Facebook: click here
Blog Website: click here
Bright Dais Ahead Amazon Store: click here