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Best Campers For Tailgating

Football season has officially started so that means more late nights, more grilling out and more time to spend with loved ones. Whether you’re visiting your college kids or sticking to your tried and true camp spot, it doesn’t mean you have to host the tailgating events at your house – use your awesome camper! Today we’ve gathered a list of what we think are the best campers for tailgating season.

1. Paradigm 382RK

We are starting off strong with the Alliance Paradigm 382RK. A luxurious 41′ 6″, 13,343 lbs 5th wheel with even better luxury features! The rear kitchen floorplan creates and open-concept space perfect for hosting those big game nights. The kitchen itself provides an immense amount of countertop space for a buffet style of all your favorite appetizers. The living room gives you 6 premium seating options to view the TV, not to mention you can still see the game from the kitchen too. Just an overall awesome floorplan for any occasion!

2. Cougar 368MBI

Next up on our list is the Keystone Cougar 368MBI. This 39′ 3″, 11,847 lbs 5th wheel takes the kiddos into consideration. You still have the classic and spacious rear living room/kitchen combo but this particular floorplan comes with a complete spare room. So while you’re outside on the grill or inside, halfway through the game, the spare room can be a place for the younger ones to go and play. It’s even great for older kids or your friends coming to stay with you for the weekend.

3. Montana 3761FL

Ahhh the Keystone Montana 3761FL, a fan favorite for a reason! Coming in at 41′ even in length with a dry weight of 14,345lbs, this Montana has your separated front living and kitchen with your master bedroom in the back. One thing that always comes along with tailgating is having a nice cold drink, but with that being said you’re going to have people using your bathroom all evening. This unique floorplan has 1.5 bathrooms for you and your guests to use. If you don’t prefer to have a half bathroom next to your kitchen, there is an exact floorplan that replaces the half bath with a butlers pantry so the choice is yours.

4. Carbon 398

Now we’re bringing on the toy haulers with first up being the Keystone Carbon 398! You got 43′ 11″ of length and 14,245lbs to work with, including your whopping 17′ garage! WOW! This Carbon floorplan had to make the list solely for that 17′ garage alone. There’s still a comfy sofa to relax on in the living room and lots of countertop space for food prep but the garage is really where the hosting can take place. The furniture in the garage is all convertible with 4 lounging sofa options to watch the game on. Leave it in its sofa position during the day and convert them to beds for your kids or guests at night. It’s a win/win for everyone! Oh, did I mention is has two full bathrooms too? It gets better and better!

5. Raptor 429

Last but certainly not least, the Keystone Raptor 429. A unique 44′ 6″, 16,023lbs dry weight toy hauler with a 13′ garage that has not one but TWO patios. Fall weather is a huge part of football season and with the two patios you can create a nice little outdoor living space to host in too. Plus like a lot of the other selections, there’s 1.5 bathrooms to take advantage of.