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NO Hidden Fees

A Process with No Surprises.  When you purchase a new or pre-owned RV from our Indiana RV Dealership, there are no hidden fees to worry about.

We think surprises are for birthdays and holiday gifts. Financial surprises have no place in the process of buying or financing a new or pre-owned RV.


When you purchase an RV from Walnut Ridge , we promise a sales and final delivery process that is totally transparent. Above-board.  Straight-forward.  We pledge not to spring costly surprises on our customers.

  • No documentation fees
  • No destination fees
  • No prep fees

We hear too many stories from customers who have had bad experiences elsewhere; experiences that ended up costing them more money.

No Hidden Fees. No Costly Surprises.

This has become an major component in the way we have decided to do business with our customers. We believe this pledge to be so important, it has become one of the key reason why buying from Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales is an experience you simply cannot match anywhere else.

We pride ourselves in always being honest and upfront with customers from start to finish.

To us, it’s the ONLY way to operate.